from the get-go

Backtracking a bit…but sometimes technology fails when you need it the most, so you do what you have to do.



Multimedia storytelling is as simple – and as difficult – as the words that create the term: ‘multi’ and ‘media.’ Most of us know the ‘media’ half of this, hearing the evils of mass media and all the chaos and lies that it seems to perpetuate, all while being blamed and labeled ‘horribly biased’ by everyone and their mother, when of course in reality it is almost completely impossible to not have some sort of bias in every form of media….but I digress.

It’s the ‘multi’ bit of multimedia that throws most people off.

You see, blending together the photo, audio, and video (and sometimes Flash) that multimedia often requires is no easy task. It requires not only writing and scripting finesse, but an understanding of how to tell a good visual story. In a sense, it’s the most literal opportunity most journalists have to really ‘show’ instead of just ‘tell.’

Multimedia packages can tell stories without necessarily following a set sequence, jumping around in time and space while sticking to a central theme. Sometimes words come into play, and sometimes they don’t. It all depends on the message trying to be conveyed.

I really like this piece – fun visuals, one particular message, and something you don’t see every day.

The Best Peace Sign


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