In the end, all good news reporting, and storytelling, really, comes down to

Everything we’ve watched so far in this class has gone a step beyond the simple act of written, textual information and brought us (the viewers) into the story’s world – into a place where we, as active consumers, can interpret a story’s message based on visual cues. More often than not, these visual cues do a world of good at showing how a story plays out, rather than relying on words alone. And since “a picture is worth a thousand words,” imagine how many words must be packed into a multimedia clip…

Here are some of my favorite clips off of YouTube that I’ve found that show a distinct point of view, or intent. All were created to persuade audiences of a certain truth about the subjects in question – and each of these clips shows truth, but presented in such a way that some might disagree with the final conclusion. One is more serious and clearly persuasive, and the other is just a fun twist on an old favorite. BOTH videos make VERY GOOD POINTS about the subjects they focus on, and show views and perspectives that are absolutely true, but that (from our limited worldviews) we may never have considered.

(And yeah, the second one…Mary Poppins IS a pret-ty scary movie at times. Admit it.)

Either way, it’s all about the editing! Think about how the combination of images and sound in each equates to an overall meaning – you might be surprised.

Prop 8 & Civil Rights

Scary Mary


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