Reaction to Intended Consequences


MediaStorm – Intended Consequences

I also watched the media package Intended Consequences, and really enjoyed all the little nuances of the production process, even if the topics themselves were horrifying. I thought it was most interesting how the music specifically punctuated the video throughout at specific times: the tolling of bells as faces went by, the punctuation of the eye movement at the sound, and the background sounds that made the voices all the more cavernous and hollow when the faces disappeared.

I also thought it was interesting that there were so few natural sounds.

Sometimes media packages like this (even if they’re talking about events from the past) come all the more alive when there are the sounds from the actual event setting the backdrop. Even though it was eerily silent throughout, the silence and the quiet music in the background gave the viewer all the more prerogative to imagine the sounds that must have occurred during the event. Perhaps the creator’s choice of relative silence throughout the peace was supposed to emphasize the calm after the storm – which is definitely what it did for me.

The most moving part out of the entire thing was the part where there was just text describing the woman’s request for a glass of water, and receiving blood instead. While it would have been powerful in spoken words, the shift to absolute silence (and contrast, as opposed to relative silence) made the words that were printed all the more terrifying.

It was just..nicely done. It’s tough to say anymore than that. But the mark of a good multimedia package is that the viewer gets lost in the storytelling and forgets to pay attention to the editing…and so even though I was supposed to be paying attention to the editing, I definitely forgot anyway.

What can you do.


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