Good imagery and Tweet off

Good imagery: still or otherwise:

Framing is the most important aspect to imagery. What makes it into a frame (or what doesn’t) will make or break an image. The focus, colors, depth of field, iso, and any other components simply don’t matter if you haven’t framed an image correctly. Once the frame is there, all elements mentioned above will help contribute to making an image stronger.

Angles play a big roll too. An interesting angle or a variety of angles will help to diversify a project and keep it interesting. Even a single image or shot, with a unique angle, will make that shot worth looking it. It will also making it more impactful.

Sound is can help images, especially in a multimedia piece. Take for example this close up slide show my Martin Schoeller.

The music that goes along with helps keep the viewer interested and gives them a rhythm to move through the piece with. If there had been narration or a different kind of music, it may have distracted from the piece.


Tweet off:

What the hell is going on with twitter? This is getting out of hand – this is like an overwhelming stream of Facebook updates, which is already obscene.

Twitter attempts to serve the role of instant updates for information, but it ends up further over saturating the public with unconfirmed information. Twitter, like blogging, gives everybody a voice – but that voice isn’t necessarily  a good thing. News it fact checked, or so it should be, and twitter is not. But twitter begs for news agencies to jump on board with a story based on twitter.

It’s too much – it requires too much time and it’s scary how much influence Twitter has gained. But it won’t last – it can’t. It’s retention rate is less than 40% and that will continue to drop. It influences us to sit on our phones or computers more so than we already do – and that’s honestly a scary thing. Reporting the news should require seeking information, investigating stories, delving into things – not having info virtually texted to you.


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