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Eugene, Oregon and it’s surrounding area boast some of the most beautiful landscape in the country. This video seeks to showcase that beauty. For more information about outdoor activities in Oregon, visit



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Media Storm: Rape of a Nation

For today’s free post I decided to look at a Media Storm package, in particular Rape of a Nation. This package is about the Congo and the fact that the death toll has now risen to 5.2 million people. This is the largest death toll of any war since World War II. This package used increadibly powerful black and white photography along with color video to tell stories of natural resource theft, rape, murder, and the general devistation that happens every day. The interplay of color and the gray scale work to keep the eye interested. The package exclusively uses hard cuts, which works for the content. Disolves and other transitions may have felt forced or out of place with this content and mood. The entire package functions exceptionally well.

The Package:

Rape of a Nation

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Getting to know Adam Noack.

IMG_5720 George Fox University was too small. Oregon State University just didn’t feel right. The University of Oregon, however, was perfect. Senior Adam Noack, a Lake Oswego native, decided on attending the U of O after being disappointed with these other sub-par Oregon schools. George Fox lacked the programs he was looking for. It also lacked a decent sports program, and an exciting campus life. OSU seemed too unprofessional, literature was riddled with misspellings and the tour guides were borderline inept.

Noack was looking for a school with a strong advertising program, as well as a small school feeling with all the large school benefits. And the UO fit just these needs.

Through high school Noack worked on the staff of his high school year book doing design work and writing body copy. After the affirmation from his peers that his design and copy writing were well done he decided on pursuing a double major in both advertising and digital art. While at the University, he sharpened his design skills, built up a portfolio, and applied for the digital art major. Unfortunately, this request was denied. According to the director of the program, his work was good but he was rejected due to the fact that his work was primarily based in design, not art. Noack considers himself arty, but not that artsy. So perhaps this was a a beneficial development.
It was this turning point at which Noack decided to pursue an advertising major, and keep digital art as a minor.

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Pulitzer center: Tips for Video Journalists

This video is the Associate Director at the Pulitzer Center for Crisis Reporting speaking on what the Pulitzer foundation expects from their video reporters as they go out and shoot video for thier stories. Some of the important points were….

-Think carefully about how you can tell your story through strictly visual elements, although some stories may not lend themselves to visual representation. Some stories, such as those about abstract theories or statistics are examples.

-Make a clear outline about what you want to illustrate to your audience, think about what background information they would need to understand the context and what would be the best way to produce this evidence.

-Think about what characters are in your story. “A good piece of journalism almost always has a strong character to lead us through the story.”

-Think about which information should come from outside observers, experts, and those directly affected by the situation.

-Find images and/or video that accompanies the points your interviewer is speaking about. This allows people to see the actual impact an react for themselves, rather than being told about it.

-Avoid talking heads, becuase eventually the viewer will become bored with watching the same person talking for an extended period of time.

-The key to video is to use images to give us as much extra information as possible, so the golden rule is that one can never have enough “B-Roll”, or video that illustrates points that an expert is talking about other than the expert themselves. Be sure this footage is relevant to the topic and is visually engaging. Capture small details, as well as the greater picture.

The Video

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Successful Images

For an image or video to be succesful it has to meet certain criteria. Visually, is must have an interesting composition, balance of colors and/or black and white, and good aesthetics. A video must have all these, as well as an appropriate soundtrack that does not distract the viewer from the image. In video and photo applications it seems the visual aspect is the most important factor. Importing distracting sound, in case of video, can severely detract from the project. Photos, fortunately, do not have to worry about auditory noise. However, visual noise such as dust or aggressive patterns function in much the same way bad audio does for video, it severely detracts from the viewer’s experience.

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Amazon is iTuning the book industry

According to the attatched article, Amazon is now allowing users to create blogs and sell them to Kindel users. The catch? They take 70% of the revenue from these sales. Although I do believe Amazon should be entitled a small portion for inventing the technology and so forth, 70% is excessive. As the article puts it, “The idea that Amazon is getting 70┬ápercent of subscription fees is crazy. This is like Sony saying they want 70 percent of what people pay for HBO because people watch it on a Sony television.” The fact that they are not the creators, but merely the gatekeepers of the content does, one would think, disallow them from generating such large profit off the text created by users. However, they seem to think that becuase it’s on their device they are entitled to said funds. I believe it’s excessive and somewhat greedy that now nearly every corporation has found a way to swindle money out of the internet and its users.

Don’t ITune Us

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Facebook’s now open to everyone

Facebook is going to be offer a feature in the near future, they will allow users to publish content that will be available to everyone on the web. The new feature has been only tested by beta testers thus far but they’re planning to release it soon. This feature is odd because originally Facebook only allowed users to interact with each other within the Facebook universe. Now the Facebook universe is expanding, and web users will be able to view content that was formerly only viewable by members. It’s an interesting turn in events, and I’m curious as to why Facebook is deciding to do this.

The story


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