Below are short bios of the students that make up the J333-Writing for Multimedia class.


Sabrina Black:

Sabrina doesn’t know how to sit still. As a journalism student at the University of Oregon, an employee at the School of Journalism and Communication, an intern for Ophelia’s Place, a designer for Ethos magazine and an aspiring freelance writer, free time has become a luxury that Sabrina is still trying to figure out how to enjoy. Sabrina’s interest in journalism stemmed from her interest in creative writing and the desire to tell people’s stories. How she wants to tell those stories continues to change and and transform into something newer and better as she learns more about the craft of journalism. After graduating from the University of Oregon in the spring of 2010, Sabrina hopes to be a designer for a magazine and be a freelance writer on the side.


Kevin Bronk:

Kevin is excited about stories – Journalism essentially is the art of story telling, whether in words, photography or other forms of visual communication. He works to design, shoot and write to share the interesting stories that make up the world around him.

If he’s not being inundated with Flux e-mails, Kevin finds excuses to shoot photography and relax with good company. He spends his winters skiing any snow-covered mountain he can find. As the art director and incoming editor in chief of  Ethos Magazine, Kevin is excited to continue sharing stories driven by multiculturalism in the future.


Amber Jeffries:


I am a  senior at the University of Oregon. I am an Art major with a digital minor and my interest is animation. I hope to leave the University next year and get an animation position. I have always had a strong interest in art and all I want to do is draw all day. I am also a wife and mother of a three year old boy on top of my student status and I am always on the go. My life can sometimes get a bit hectic.


Adam Noack:

From an early age Adam was an avid car enthusiast. Marveling at the sleek bodywork of Italian exotics and the crisp lines of German sports sedans from the back seat of his family’s minivan led to a keen eye for aesthetics and design. As an advertising major and multimedia minor at the University of Oregon, this vision serves him well. After he graduates in Spring 2010, Adam plans to work at Wieden + Kennedy in Portland or another full-service ad agency on the west coast.


Ian Summers:

Ian is an excellent example of the human race. He’s an advertising major/creative strategist/writer and a multimedia minor and will be graduating this Winter. He Likes to ride bikes, play bike polo, make and drink beer, play music, skateboard, and check things off of his “Things to do before I die” list. He just recently finished his first issue of a ‘zine about bike polo entitled “Hammer & Shield” and is stoked to get involved in the ‘zine making community, let him know if you want a copy. Ian also thinks that proofreading is for suckers, so has chronic tpyos in everting he rights.


(Instructor)Alina Padilla-Miller:


Alina is a doctoral student at the University of Oregon in the School of Journalism and communication.  She is the instructor of this class, yet feels being a student to any experience is necessary and essential to being a good teacher.